Wednesday 15 September 2010

words on wednesday

Today is my fourth wedding anniversary.

{yes, that is a purple and orange dress}

{no wedding party, just the kids}

{our ceremony was at 6.30pm, so photos were taken late afternoon}

{she was 8, and I was pregnant with Natalie}

{Douglas was only 4, Steve made me laugh}

{one of my favourite photos}

{even the cake was purple}

{mum gave me away}

{and my granma came from Melbourne}

{he still makes me laugh}

Happy Anniversary Steve!


  1. Oh, Beautiful, and I love the fact your dress was purple and Orange.

  2. I love seeing wedding photos, and these are really fun, Cate. LOVE that you had a purple dress and cake! How very fitting for you.

    Congratulations on your anniversary! ♥

  3. Don't you look glamorous (and happy!) Happy Anniversary :) I hope you get to do something nice together.


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