Thursday 21 October 2010

the perfect cup of tea...

inspired by Deb's post

 My dad is English. Steve's parents are English, and he spent a number of years living in England. Sorry to stereotype, but these English people I know drink A LOT of tea. I've gone through stages of tea drinking and coffee drinking. I can't drink coffee when I'm pregnant or feeding, so it's been a few years since I had a cup of coffee. So I drink A LOT of tea.

I'm very fussy about how my cup of tea is made. I only like half a spoon of sugar, and not a lot of milk. And I like to drink it while it's hot. I would rather start again than reheat a cup of tea in the microwave.

And the cup has to be perfect, too. Hold just the right amount of liquid, have a good size mouth, and a rim that isn't too hard to drink from. The handle needs to have plenty of space for my fingers (one finger on my left hand doesn't bend, due to a fracture 15 years ago, so I hold things akwardly), and the cup can't be too heavy when full.

Steve likes small cups in the morning before work, and big cups in the evening when we're unwinding together (on the rare occasion that all children are asleep before we are).

This is my perfect tea cup. It comes in red, lime green and blue. I'm getting rid of all others (except the small white ones for Steve), and filling my cupboard with these.

Do you have the perfect cup for drinking?


  1. a nice big portmerion cup and saucer
    Jo xxxx

  2. I don't drink tea or coffee but I love large pottery mugs or fine dainty bone china - just to be different!

  3. Lovely to hear it's not just me that chooses the right mug for the right drink at the right time! And no, you can NEVER microwave tea, it really doesn't taste right!

  4. I have a large collection of mugs and each can only be used for a particular drink!! So glad to see from your post and Deb's that it's not just me...


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