Wednesday 20 October 2010

just to prove that I'm not dead...

here are some random images from my new toy...

ten minutes old

first, I downloaded {lenses}

then {polarize}

and finally {hipstamtaic}
(trying to photograph my new haircut)

a new twirly skirt is great for photos

shaking to change lenses is lots of fun
(must buy more)

I made this for a birthday swap

a new tie for Riley
(the bottom hangs free, like a real tie)

with all the rain, this was the only puddle they could find

first go on a swing

being pushed by Natalie

Do you have an iPhone? What's your favourite app?



  1. Hipstamatic definitely! Isn't it great for adding an extra touch to those spur of the moment pictures, like you've done here?

  2. shazam as it finds the music which i like in adverst, shops or tv programmes and i can download it onto spotify, oh and hipstamatic and 360 degree photo.
    Jo xxxx


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