Friday 15 October 2010

it's been a crazy, hazy sort of week....

I'm trying to feel the rythym, but all I'm feeling is chaos.

"bird-chaos" 060812

I have a whole mix of thoughts swimming around in my head at the moment. One part of me is thinking about Christmas (and that is going to be the primary focus of a lot of my thoughts for the next 71 days). One part of me is thinking about an email that I sent on Tuesday, and wondering why it is that no-one cares. One part of me is worrying about Chloe, who is finishing primary school this year, and getting ready to move house again as well as transition to high school. I'm worrying about my abilities as a parent, and where exactly I'm going wrong with Natalie. Her behaviour is horrendous!

I've been shuffling paper this week, while I work in bursts on a project. This weekend, I'm going to try scrapping, because there is a huge NEED inside me that is aching to scrap. It's something that I haven't really felt for most of this year, so I'm going with it. Hopefully, it leads to something!

What tricks do you use to tame the chaos in your mind?


  1. Oh, Cate, I'm sorry to hear that you are in a tizzy. I know the feeling as I have been there before. Even though my child is grown and moved out now (so I don't have near the load that you do) I still have lots of stuff going on in my head. My answer is yoga and a morning walk. I know it would be a real challenge for you to take this time for yourself, but I promise it will help you cope with all the other stuff going on.

    Know that this "now" is temporary and you will get through it! Somehow. Someway. In the meantime, I'll be thinking of you and sending you calm thoughts... xo

  2. Poor you.... I often have chaos going on in my head! And I can relate to the 'behaviour of your child' thing, for sure - it totally doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong, sometimes kids can't handle their emotions and so you get outbursts and outbreaks and such like.

    I try to fence off a bit of 'me' time when I need to settle my mind. It might be a bath, a bit of time on the computer, making a card or layout, cooking something, or just shutting myself into a room to sob quietly for a few minutes! After that I gather my strength to face the chaos once again....


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