Tuesday 2 November 2010

yes, I'm running behind, but at least I'm running this time!

I've been downloading, and printing, and reading and writing in my new {covered} notebook with my lovely purple pen (would I use any other colour?)

But I'm stumped at the first hurdle. If you've explored my blog and read my "about" page, you know a little bit about me. And if you've been reading my blog posts for awhile, you know a little bit more about me. But this prompt made me realise that I don't get asked questions about ME! Sure, I get "gee, you've got you're hands full there" (to which I usually reply "nope, that's only half of them, the rest are at school", but I love Stephanie Howell's response, and am trying to train myself to remember it on the spur of the moment), but it's not really a frequently-asked question, is it?!

So, can anyone help me out here, please? Ask me a question (nothing too deep and thought provoking, unless you really want to know the answer), and I may {eventually} turn it into a scrap page!


  1. "When di you first feel like a grown up and why?"

  2. Hi Cate ~ You've hinted at this before, so I know you live with a house full of people. How do you find any quiet time to yourself? Please tell me you do find time, once in a while... xo ~ Deb


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