Monday 1 November 2010

{53 Mondays} the-random-projects edition

Thank you for all the comments on my mince pie post, I haven't made it around to all the blogs from the blog hop, but what I've read so far is sounding pretty yummy!

I wanted to share some of the projects that I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. I sort-of feel as if I've been excessively busy, but haven't achieved a lot. I seem to be writing and re-writing lists, making notes for myself in 500 different places, constantly doing "something", but never finishing anything. And then I start writing posts like this and sit back and think "gee, considering there's at least 5 kids here on a daily basis, I cook, clean, feed, change bums, read books, shop and mediate constant fighting and bickering, I have actually achieved a bit this month"

This perpetual calendar was designed by Jen Mohler for her "Saving your Sanity: Fall" class at BPS. It's one of the things I've been writing lists for again and again and again, trying to remember everything I want to achieve this Christmas and not stress myself too much when I decide to take on another random project (so far this year my random projects include hosting our first street party, sending boxes to Operation Christmas Child, and hosting my second annual cookie exchange in December)

This is my Christmas planner for 2010. I've been taking "Cut the Crazy out of Christmas" over at BPS, and for the first time ever I am really unhappy with a class. The downloads that I've found free online from Life... Your Way, the Daily Digi, and Organized Christmas are much better. I'm using a mix of pages from Life... Your Way and Organized Christmas in my binder, and using the dividers from the class, because I laminated them, so I thought I should use them. (The first week of class, the only download we got was the dividers. For someone who has been planning for Christmas since October 1st, waiting for inserts only to discover they weren't any good was heart wrenching.)

 I loved this printable kit from Elle's Studio at, so purchased it a couple of weeks ago. The very next day a friend shared some photos of her flood ravaged farm, and a group of us decided to cheer her up by flooding her letter box with happy mail. So I whipped up a Christmas banner to help her smile.

I also saw these memory card printables from Suzy Q Scraps, and purchased them for Natalie. My friend has 2 boys around Nat's age, so I printed them out, laminated them, and popped them in my parcel as well. I love how they turned out (although the printing was fiddly, I wanted to print back to back instead of sticking two pieces together, and they didn't match up, so some of the critters have bits trimmed off for laminating.) I think my friend will be pretty excited when she gets her mail!


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