Monday 17 January 2011

my story about trucks and toowoomba and thankfulness

You would have had to be living under a rock for the last week to not know about the devastating floods that hit Toowoomba and Brisbane and Ipswich last Monday and Tuesday (January 10 + 11)

I shared at the start of the month a quick post to say that the floods in Queensland weren't near us, and we were doing fine. And we are still doing fine. Our house was not impacted by riverine flooding. But our lives have been impacted.

See, Steve drives a truck.

He drives to Toowoomba He drives to Ipswich before he drives to Toowoomba

Last Monday, January 10th, he called me at about 1.20pm, and told me he would be leaving Toowoomba shortly, and would probably be home by about 4pm.

At 4.30pm, I called him to ask how things were. He was annoyed with me for calling him, because it was raining, and peak hour traffic and rain was making it a long trip home. I hung up on him.

At 6pm we watched the evening news. The video above was the top story of the evening (and for the next 24hrs, until Brisbane started to flood)

Steve went to work as normal on Tuesday morning, but because the roads were closed heading to Toowoomba, he just did a local run. I spent most of the day glued to facebook.

On Wednesday, we woke to the media coverage of the Ipswich/Brisbane devastation. Work was canceled, so we spent the day watching the news unfold, and saying thanks for Steve's near miss.

And it was a near miss. He didn't tell me until late Wednesday afternoon that as he drove down the main street of Toowoomba (which is the street in the video above) the water was up to the axle.of.the.truck.

So I told him off for driving through the water, and said a silent thank you that he made it safely home.

Tomorrow, Steve makes his first trip to Toowoomba since last Monday. I'm quietly saying thanks for him to make it home safely again.


  1. Whoa, that's a little too close for comfort, eh? The flooding we've heard about is just so sad and devasting. Glad to know you are all ok, and hoping that Steve will remain safe as well. xo

  2. Very frightening it must have been for all of you. We are continuing to watch the news and think about you keeping safe.


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