Tuesday 18 January 2011

photo shoot out takes

I finally remembered to take photos for my updated blog header yesterday (and, more importantly, to take the photos off my camera!) The kids are still pretty good about taking regular photos, and they love looking at the finished photo on the computer! Here's a few that I loved.

Our Christmas card photo was laying down like this last year and again this year (I love the different perspective it gives of the kids faces), so the kids wanted to have another go at "laying down photos"...

maybe by next Christmas Riley will co-operate, and lay still for the photo shoot? But I think the green astro turf is too harsh, and we'll stick to the white background for future photos.

He didn't want to sit down for photos, either. When he wants us to sit down, he'll walk over to our chair, and pat the sit. That was how the kids got him to sit down in the end, by patting the spot next to Natalie. He only lasted long enough to take one photo, which is the one in the blog header.

He loves giving kisses, and makes a lip smacking sound when he wants a kiss. The kids love getting kisses.

I didn't get a photo of Douglas' kiss, Riley was standing in front of him. But he kissed everyone, then went and sat by himself again, and posed for more photos.


  1. Really lovely fresh and natural shots Cate.

  2. This post really made me smile, Cate. I love that you posted the out takes! And your new blog header is adorable. :o)

  3. I love the outtakes with Riley providing lots of "movement" throughout the photo shoot.

  4. Those outtakes are just so cute! And the new blog header is superb.

  5. That blog header is fabulous. It's okay if he only sits still for one photo when that one photo is perfect! x


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