Tuesday 25 January 2011

pre-LOAD day two

another late one today - the hardest part is working out which photos to use on the layout... I've got some photos coming from snapfish with some ideas of layouts to create, meanwhile I'm printing at home as I go.

Paper range is Origins. Layout designed by Vicki Boutain

I know with time zone differences that this isn't really "late", but my goal is to have my layout in flickr by the end of the day in my timezone. From tomorrow, I'll be posting my layouts via flickr (did you know you can share straight from there, write a blog post? It will save some time!)


  1. Hi there! thanks so much for dropping by my blog yesterday during the LOAD blog hop - great to see that you are joining us and I can't believe you have started already! Go you! See you in the gallery.

  2. Cute layout - I always think the photos of kids playing with boxes should be scrapped because it seems to be such a universal tendency for kids to climb into one.


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