Wednesday 2 March 2011

how do you define | housework?

I came to the realisation last week that I define housework differently to most people.

Down with housework

I was at my local scrap shop, chatting to the owner, explaining to her about the layout-a-day project I was doing in February. She asked me how was I able to fit it all in, and my flip answer was "I don't do housework" Driving home, I reflected on the conversation, and wondered if my definition was different... and so entered facebook and google. defines housework as "the work of cleaning, cooking, etc to be done in housekeeping"
Wikipedia defines housekeeping as "the act of cleaning the rooms and furnishings of a home" and homemaking as "a mainly American term for the management of the home, otherwise known as housework"

And 9.6% of people on facebook say housework is "any job that needs to be done inside or outside the house" *

Cate's definition - any job that is superfluous to the daily running of the household. eg, clean clothes are required by everyone, therefore laundry is a required chore. It doesn't class as housework because it is necessary to do this activity {most} days. Vacuuming is not essential every day, therefore classes as housework and I don't do housework! **

Further examples - dishes and dish washing is required {most} days, mopping is not. Cooking meals is required {most} days, dusting is not.

* I thought 9.6% sounded better than "only six people answered my question"
** the big stuff does get done, on a weekly basis, and we all pitch in to get the jobs done.


  1. ahaha!! sounds just like our house :)

  2. LOVE it. I work part time so I can pay someone else to do my housework for me :) That is how I define house work... the essential stuff happesn and we get it done and the rest happens when the cleaner turns up.... LOL.

  3. Cleaning I don't mind, cooking I cam do without. If I never had to cook another meal again i wouldn't mind!

  4. I LIKE your definition of housework. I, too, do the required - laundry, cooking & cleaning up afterwards, and, for me, making the bed. Other stuff gets done when we get a round tuit.


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