Monday 7 March 2011

Natalie | today you are four

I have managed to share a post on each of your birthdays so far. When I showed dad the post from your first birthday, he thought he was looking at photos of Riley!

Balloons seem to be a second birthday tradition, and you still love a room full of balloons today.

You still ask if dad will be here in the morning, and love singing "jingle bells" and "twinkle little star" when Riley is distressed.

you very rarely do like you are asked to do
but will happily help clean up your toys
you want blue {bbq} sauce with everything at the moment
you were brave at the hospital last week
then you fell asleep in the car coming home
you've just started having day sleeps again
you're a brave girl who doesn't cry at daycare anymore
you want hugs as well as kisses when anyone leaves the house
you have a sweet tooth like mum
you love chicken nuggets
you decided weeks ago we have to go see the polar bears for your birthday
{next weekend, it rained this weekend}
You're a good sharer, unless you're tired, then you drive mum and dad nuts
you fall asleep within minutes of getting into bed every night

Happy Birthday Natalie!


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