Friday 1 April 2011

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I don't enjoy cooking dinner for my family. The food battles with children drive me insane, the arguing and bickering and incessant chatter at the table drive me insane, the need to cook foods that everyone will eat AND have it be healthy and some nutritional content has me going out of my mind. I shared my menu plan during March, with the hopes that it would help me stay on track with meals each day.

I'll be honest, it didn't work every day. I think there was too much variety. And not enough flexibility for the days when I was running on empty. And the kids weren't really receptive to having their time taken up with preparing AND cooking food (although they liked the idea of being included, the reality was much different).

On the up side, we love zucchini slice (even when I forgot the cheese on top), and roast pork is always a winner, and chicken wings are much loved. So I'm trying it again for another month.

I've changed Tuesday's theme to "meals mum makes", so I can include some of the much-loved foods that I've always made - those fall-backs that you can make on five minutes notice with your eyes shut, the ones that tend to be used all the time when you're stuck-in-a-rut. I've also left a few more blank spots, reduced the number of new recipes for the month, timetabled the takeaway and easy nights. I've also printed out the new recipes for the month, and stuck them to the fridge with the menu, in the hopes that it takes me one more step closer to being organised at meal times.

Do you try new recipes regularly? Or do you stick with the tried-and-tested-and-eaten-by-everyone?


  1. Wow a whole month planned! I only do one week at a time and sometimes that's hard to stick too. I try to do a new recipe each week, but it must be simple or forget it.

  2. I find the whole cooking thing a bit of a drag if I' honest but it does have to be done. I don't plan a whole month but after falling of the wagon for a few weeks am back to it - I tend to do two weeks at a time. I have to say I think it has saved us money and there is less waste when I do plan.

  3. Very organised - good luck with it this month. I have done weekly plans and find that it does work well, but it went to pot when the kids started having a social life through school - suddenly we'd have two extra for tea, or one fewer, or there was a football practice after school I'd forgotten about! Maybe I should reintroduce it now that the boys are at Uni?


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