Tuesday 29 March 2011

around here right now

Don't let the cute face fool you - he's forgotten how to sleep at night. Daytime he's having 2-3 hour sleeps, but last week he was waking at 11pm and screaming until 5am - giving me only 1 hour sleep, for five days. This week we've resorted to some mild night-time sedation, resulting in stirring at 3am until 5am, but no crying, and mum is getting some sleep again.

I bought myself some super-cute new shoes for winter.
And I've been wearing them. And I love them.

We released some pink balloons to celebrate a friend's baby who was stillborn last week.

New sheets and doona cover for our bed makes sleeping fun.

This girl loves showing off.

We had bacon and eggs in the park for breakfast on Sunday.
It was way nicer than heading to Sizzlers.

What's happening at your place right now?


  1. That's a really nice collection of pictures Cate. We're coming into the spring, which means it's getting closer to exam season here..

  2. Hope he gets the sleep thing sorted out very soon for both your sakes.

  3. Hello - just saying hello from BFS :-)

  4. Oooo I love your shoes - where are they from?? Stopping by from BFS

  5. Looks like you have been busy. Loving the shoes.... sad but beautiful about the balloon release... and I so hear you on the middle of the night screaming!

  6. Lovely pictures especially love the shoes! visiting from BFS


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