Sunday 29 May 2011

5 things

I swear I read Amy's post! But it wasn't until posts started popping up in my reader that I realised I had missed something. And it looked like a pretty fun something to imagine... "things that you know won't be around in five years time"

my first thought was the baby stuff. We won't be needing this highchair in a couple of years - in fact, Riley is starting to join the others at the table for breakfast each morning. But then I realised that chances are that the white pantry cupboard behind the highchair should be gone in five years time, too, at least gone from that spot if I get to renovate my kitchen in the next few years.

and theoretically, if there's no empty nappy boxes in the house, then no one will be tempted to fill them with stuff just in case we need it one day, or might get a chance to sort it out another day.

this "top hat" for Steve's truck was taken off, and placed in the back yard 6 months ago. It doesn't get moved for mowing any more.

I'm trying to hang on to our trampoline as long as possible, because most new ones are round with safety fences, and I'm very un-PC, and believe my kids need to learn from experience and not be wrapped in cotton wool.

I'm hoping that I'll have a newer car sometime in the next five years - this old bus is coming up for thirteen years old, and is slowly starting to show it's age.

and I'd really love this bed of weeds to be gone (preferably before next summer). I'm thinking dahlias, or lisianthus, or some random packets of seeds thrown down and watered regularly.

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