Tuesday 21 June 2011


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How long after a person stops talking to you do you stop caring that they don't talk to you anymore?

Why don't parents get involved in committees or helping out? (not just school, but extra-curricular activities, eg scouts)

Once you fall off the treadmill, how do you get back on again, when you know you're going to fall off again?

How do you teach children to give, not just take? (and is it possible to teach them not to hit?)

How can I print my digital papers to the edge of the photo paper? Will I figure it out before I run out of ink?


  1. What a coincidence. I have a draft post exactly like this just waiting to be finished. Keep your eye out.

    If you find the answers to any of your questions let me know. Especially teaching the kids not to hit.

    As for the printing ... I'm assuming you're using the borderless printing setting?

  2. I love that sign - exactly what I was waiting for too :D

    Answers to your questions: ... a LONG time if you're a people pleaser like me; ... because the people pleasers will do it for them; ... don't - you don't have to please a machine; ... try this and I haven't managed it; .... borderless print setting will do the top and sides but not the bottom - or just trim the paper!!!

  3. * Usually about a month after last contact, depending on the person and how close we were.

    * I joined the tuckshop gals at my kids school but it got too hard because they're only open tue and thu. I work Tue and I have Kiara Thu so it makes it harder now that she's walking and talking. She wont stay in her carrier and she annoys the other ladies lol. I imagine it will be even more difficult with a baby and a toddler but I will try my best.

    * No clue if you're using borderless printing.

  4. Very thought provoking questions - I keep getting back on the exercise bike, stopping, starting, stopping, starting, when does it just become a habit!!!???

  5. WONDERFUL questions...have you found answers?

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