Thursday 21 July 2011

100 days to Christmas | guest post ideas

Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in my "100 days to Christmas" post. I'm pretty excited about it, and really hope that this can help us {me} get organised for a great Christmas. I've got a rough idea of a weekly schedule, now I'm trying to break it down to a daily schedule. 100 days seems daunting when you write it out on paper! So, here's how I'm thinking the week will work:

Hints on photos to take, journaling prompts, classes offered and reviews, ideas for remembering when it's super-busy, layouts to create when the dust has settled.

What traditions mean, unique-to-you traditions, traditions you continue from your childhood, new traditons you've started (and maybe how you document those traditions?)

Prompts for getting on top of the clutter before adding more to it, ideas for decorating and bringing Christmas to the whole house, not just the living room.

How do you plan your menu each year? Do you do everything yourself, or share it between visitors? Is it the same menu each year, or do you try new things? Do you have a favourite recipe you'd like to share here?

Ideas for different ages and stages and handmade gifts. Do you theme your gift wrapping? How do you wrap odd sizes? Do you use tags, or write on the gift? What about sending gifts to far-away family? What about cards - do you make them? send them? write a letter to include in them?

Baking is my favourite part of Christmas. When I started doing my virtual cookie exchange in 2009, none of my mums group friends baked, so I shared here on my blog instead. Do you have a favourite-tried-and-tested-must-back-every-year recipe? How do you keep a record of your recipes?

There are some beautiful Christmas quotes around. Share your favourites here.

{this list may evolve or change as we get closer to September 16th, or during the 100 days, but this feels like the best list at the moment.}

Would you like to write a guest post for me on any of these topics? Email me {} with your ideas, and I'll be in touch.


  1. So excited about this project - I'll be emailing you my ideas for guest posts soon.


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