Friday 29 July 2011

week in the life | day three & four

Wednesday was an at home" day, with no real plans to go anywhere or do anything.

Natalie has tonsilitis, so we spent two hours waiting to see the doctor for five minutes (the downside of not needing to make an appointment to see him)

Just this week I've started giving Riley lunch an hour earlier, and it has made HUGE changes to his sleeping and eating.

I have a big idea. This is the start of my big idea.

Thursday was a super-busy day, squeezing in errands I like to do without lots of kids in tow.

I saw the sun up when I went to get fresh bread for school lunches.

I went to the scrapbook shop (and bought some Pearl Ex and Echo Park papers)

I knew that I had to record the petrol prices, so I put $20 in the car. (current exchange rates can be seen here. 11.5 litres is approximately 3.03 gallons US)

Deb - the camera is going well, although the shutter speed is a little slower than I'm used to, so I'm messing up some shots, but it is taking better photos inside. Thanks for asking.

My vague album plan is coming together, how is yours coming together?


  1. Would you mind telling me more about feeding your son an hour earlier. My sister has always had problems with my nephew not eating and sleeping. I'm always a little wary of offering advice incase she thinks I'm suggesting she's doing it wrong, but if you had a solution from a similar situation it might help.
    (I'm assuming here that my e-mail address will come up on my google account LOL)

  2. I decided WITL was not working for me this week and am hoping to start a new mini-album this weekend. I'll give it a try another time. I'm enjoying your photos.

  3. Another great peek at your life!
    Alison xx


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