Tuesday 19 July 2011

where's your head at?

{have you got that song stuck in your head now?}

I've never been officially diagnosed as having depression (although I was diagnosed after Natalie was born as having had pre-natal depression, but my strong, brave self hid it well, and all was fine after she arrived)

I don't think I have depression now, but I am full of confusion, and frustration, and uncertainty, and boredom. And they are never good combinations. Being sick, and having sick children also adds to the stress.

But tomorrow is a new day. And hopefully the sick children are getting better. And mum is getting better. And we can all get a solid night's sleep. And we can get outside for a walk (because I often forget how much better we feel after some fresh air and a walk in the sunshine). And I can keep working on my explore playbook.

(and sometimes I can get the perfect photos using hipstamatic)

Where's your head at today?


  1. What great photos you've got here. Good luck with your progress in the class

  2. Amazing photos Cate! Hope you all get to feel the sun & breathe the fresh air soon xx

  3. love your self-portraits Cate...hopefully you will all start to feel better after some sun and fresh air!
    Alison xx

  4. It's amazing what a good nights' sleep can do. Hope you feel better soon. Your photos are fab!

  5. i am coming out of the worst period of depression i have had in a long time, last week i really hit the depths of despair. i need to some sun too. often a gr8 nights sleep can make us feel so much better, the draining of our resources and trying to care for children is a daily challenge. keep up the gr8 work, u sound like a fab mum and u have us as ur blogfriends too to spread a lil love ur way,
    jo xxxx


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