Sunday 11 September 2011

Riley | today you are two

you are 86.5 cm {34.1"} tall
you weigh 14.9kg {32.8lbs}

you string four and five word sentences together
"fib it up mum" fill my drink bottle, please
"Riley do it"
"Riley play winky" said at EVERY nappy change, along with "meam"
"dat for" borrowed from Nat, meaning "what did you do that for?"
{usually said in response to an untentional bump from being underfoot of a sibling or parent.}
"Riley do it"

you are a daddy's boy
and a mummy's boy
depending on who's at home.
you love playing with the big kids
and playing in the sandpit.
you like being pushed in the pram when we're shopping,
but you like to walk around the shops, too.

you love elmo
and dora.
you like playing with trains
and trucks and cars and bikes.
you eat tinned spaghetti
and bananas
and chocolate frogs

you are loved by mum
and dad
and chloe
and douglas
and natalie

Happy birthday, little man!


  1. He is so cute!!! <3


  2. what a sweet boy! Mine will be 2 in mid November, what a beautiful age they're at :)

    Happy birthday little Riley :)


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