Wednesday 12 October 2011

100 days to Christmas | what's under the tree?

Back in July, I shared that those words came out of one of my children's mouths... you know, the words that make you think your children are being ungrateful, and have you questioning why you put in the effort every year. "Where's the rest of the presents?" Needless to say, in an effort to overcome the words, I have built a mental hill of at least two handmade gifts per child... and in true procrastinator form, I haven't even decided what those presents will be, let alone started making them!

Source: None via Cate on Pinterest

Pinterest really is becoming a part of my every day. Writing these posts is making me go back and explore each board and find new ideas (but it is also overwhelming, and sometimes freezes me into inaction)

Source: via Cate on Pinterest

I love the look of this sewing kit. I think this would be an awesome gift for a big girl I know - a piece of me wants her to become a bit crafty (and not wait until she's 30-something before she discovers a crafty bone), but a piece of me gets frustrated teaching the kids, so if she was given a box full of stuff to dive into and explore as she wanted to, it might be easier to do the teaching.

This fabric hopscotch mat has been on my must-sew list for two years now! This has to be the year that I make two of them, maybe even three now that Riley thinks he's the bees knees cause he can jump!

This eyeball tshirt has also been on my list for two years. It's perfect for Douglas (and maybe any other little boys I know)

Riley is just starting to get into playing with the dress ups with the kids. I think if we had more costume stuff (instead of sparkly dresses) he might play even more.

I've got other ideas for gifts, but they'll keep for another day.



  1. Hi. I am loving your 100 days series but for some reason, your last few posts have been minus the photos. Is this just happening to me or am I missing something?

  2. The pictures won't come up when I come out of reader either :( Sure, I can always hop to Pinterest and have a look at the's not as if I need an excuse lol
    Thanks for popping over by the way.

  3. I've convinced my girls that this year they get one big 'experience' present for Christmas and a smaller complimentary gift... actually got a blog post about it scheduled for some time this week.

    Makes the whole gift drama easier. Now they are 6yo & 8yo they don't need as many toys and I'm sick of stuff, stuff and more stuff filling our home.

  4. The pics haven't shown for me in Reader this week either :/ Having the ideas and a plan is half the battle so you are indeed on your way, Cate!


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