Friday 20 April 2012

5 {things I'm packing for retreat} on friday

I've shared recently that I'm heading off on my first. ever. scrapbook. retreat at the end of this month. And today it was finally time to start packing my bag.

minties, pods and macadamias
I need nibbles that I don't have to share with children (I'm thinking about adding m and ms to this stash, they are the best scrapbooking food)

Australian Scrapbook Ideas, Scrapbook Creations, Scrapbooking Memories, Signature Series
Some new magazines for inspiration (and I'll print some layouts from my pinterest boards, and maybe two peas as well. I'm also thinking of taking the class pdfs from pretty paper party)

I've packed my inks in their vintage tin in the hopes that I'll use them for more than the occasional splash and drip.

Punches are still a must-have; a good mix of border punches and punches for embellishing (I've owned those cloud punches for nearly a year, and haven't used them on a layout yet, they are my first-out-of-the-bucket punches for the weekend.)

I've given my table tote a good cleanout of the bits and bobs that seem to gather in the bottom - there was over $2 worth of coins in there! Random inks, pens, tools and embossing powder are a must, you never know when inspiration may strike!

Do you nibble while scrapping? What's your favourite?


  1. Ooooh, Have fun! I would love to go on a sewing retreat one day, sigh


  2. Oh yes, nibbles are most important for scrapbooking. LOL

  3. Good start to the packing...M&Ms a definate I'm thinking!
    Alison xx


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