Monday 23 April 2012

less pinterest more do

I've spent most of today waiting - waiting for Riley to wake up this morning, so we could take the kids to school; and then waiting for him to have a sleep (which he still hasn't done); waiting for the kids to get home from school so I could get groceries, only to discover that I didn't have my key card; now I'm waiting for Steve to get home so I can actually go and get the groceries and cook tea.

{inspired by this pin}
also the three paper collection challenge from Shimelle

{inspired by this pin}
I think I'm at the end of my waiting for today. And tomorrow I can really start packing my scrap tote for retreat this weekend. Did I tell you it's my first. ever. retreat?

Have you created something inspireed by pinterest this week? Share a link in the comments.



  1. Oh, I am envious of your retreat this weekend Cate! Sounds like loads of fun!

  2. Done one Cate!
    Love the LOs
    Alison xx

  3. Your version is lovely Cate :) I sent you an email but it may be in your spam mail - just wondering if you are still interested in the next Mail Art Exchange (May 7th)? I need to know in the next couple days :)


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