Saturday 9 June 2012

baking | simple cinnamon scrolls

I'm not a food blogger. I can't design a recipe, or make substitutions when I'm following a recipe at home, but I do love baking, and when I find something that is devoured, I like to tell the world what worked.

In my {minor} effort to get healthy, I had this vague idea in mind that I wouldn't ban all garbage food from our house, but if I wanted something sweet, I had to bake it first (baked goods don't usually last longer than 24hrs in our house).

So, when I stumbled on this recipe for cinnamon scrolls last week at Mrs BCs House of Chaos, I just knew I had to whip them up that afternoon. As I was making them (it really was a case of five minutes to mix, five minutes to knead, five minutes to roll and cut), I remembered using the exact same recipe in Home Economics classes in high school.

Riley didn't like them - he said they made his hands yucky - but the tray was devoured by everyone else. The only difference I would make next time is to roll them thinner, because they expand so much while cooking.

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