Tuesday 12 June 2012

tutorial | adding folders to iBooks

You may or may not have heard my excitement recently about aquiring my very own iPad. Yes, we're big Apple-lovers in this house, so getting my own iPad that is kid-free, was super-exciting, and a couple of months later the excitement hasn't worn off yet. In fact, Steve commented last night that it is always beside me wherever I am in the house (he probably didn't notice that it spent all afternoon downstairs yesterday while I was upstairs with him, finally watching Game of Thrones)

One thing I'm loving about it is the ability to put PDFs onto it, and read them while sitting in front of the tv. In the past, when I've taken, say, a Shimelle class, I've printed the notes, filed them in a binder, and never looked at them again. Now, my iPad is full of Shimelle class notes, BPS class notes, Masterful Scrapbook Design seminars, Scouts Australia Policy and Rules documents, and a whole host of others. You can imagine how messy it is, finding anything! But, it is possible to make folders withing iBooks! Here's how:

This works for both books and PDF collections. Open your collection, and click edit on the right hand side of the screen.

Tick boxes will appear on the left hand side.

Select the folders you want to move. For this demonstration, I selected the notes from Sassy Scrapping by Shannon Tidwell at Two Peas in a Bucket.

Click the move button up the top. This drop down menu will appear. Click new down the bottom, name your folder, then click done.

Now select the folder you just named. Your files will move to that folder. I'm slowly creating folders for everything - and it's so much easier to find things now!


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