Friday 27 July 2012

5 random keyword searches

I've been focusing on learning more about my blog this month, and building it into a better-for-me system. An idea that is repeated in a lot of the ebooks I've been reading is to choose 3 keywords, based on previous posts, and make those the focus of your blog, even if you blog your personal story. I like the idea of tighter focus (or maybe guided focus), and using keywords as umbrella topics, so I headed into google analytics to see what searches have people finding me. (I often share keyword searches on my facebook page, if you want a giggle)

Someone landed on my blog by searching "weekly goals." And they even found a post! "What do chicken pox look like first" is pretty easy - Natalie was diagnosed with chicken pox when I was pregnant with Riley.

"Chicken feta spinach filo" and all variations is the most searched for term ever on my blog. You can find the recipe here.

A guy knocked on my door last week, collecting money for a children's charity. He was English, and in our discussion, I asked him if he really thought kangaroos could be seen hopping down the main straight. He said "yes." For the record, kangaroos live in the bush. I don't live as close to kangaroos now as I did when I was a kid (although wallabies were visible near Chloe's school last year.)

I can't imagine which post "handy Cate" led to. Although I am pretty handy.

"Mums in stockings" found a hit. The mind boggles.

Have you ever checked your keyword searches? What was the weirdest?


  1. Hi from your newest follower from Sweet Little Pretties - I love reading Keyword searches and seeing what people are landing on your page for

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