Sunday 29 July 2012

scouts sunday | make a personal first aid kit

Scouting sections are called slightly different things in different countries, and badge requirements are slightly different. I will share my experience with cubs and joeys in Australia, and hope that you can adapt them to your requirements.

please note - the Australian standard for first aid is a GREEN cross
The actual badge requirement is put together a simple first aid kit and take it on outings with you (bronze boomerang, section 1 health and first aid, part 2 basic first aid, yellow book) Silver and gold badges also have the same requirement (or check and replenish a first aid kit.)

I had seen lots of altoid tins floating around pinterest, and knew that I wanted to try turning one into a first aid kit. Altoid tins are almost impossible to find in Australia, so I turned to eBay, and found a supplier of empty-altoid-tin-style tins, and purchased a large bundle. They ship from the US, very quickly, and the rates are good with such a strong Australian dollar.

bandaids in varying sizes
In consultation with someone from my local chemist, and checking lists on personal first aid kits available from sale at the chemist, we came up with this list of items. I carry this kit with me in my handbag, and having bandaids has come in very handy with the kids, and me!

gauze swabs, saline, medical swap
Thinking about all eventualities, including hikes, we decided to add a tube of saline solution. As I will always have a big first aid kit with me on any activities it probably isn't necessary, but it will let the kids feel as if they are doing something helpful.

mersyndol, polaramine, splinter picker
We also talked about each child packing any medication they require into their kits, if they're allowed to. Unless we're on camp, there will probably be no need for medication, but I have mersyndol to stop migraines dead in their tracks and polaramine in the event of an allergy attack (and I also carry an epi-pen, as I'm allergic to wasps.)

It all packs in to the tin easily (the photo at the top is of the tin, full), and the kids have it with them at all times (they all have yellow calico bags that they keep all their scout things in after each meeting. Parents love the idea, because there's no more scrambling for scarves as they walk out the door!)

Do you carry a first aid kit with you?

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