Tuesday 7 August 2012

review | Evernote for moms ebook

{yes, I have mis-spelled "moms", but that's the title of the book, so that's what I wrote. But I'll use the English spelling in this review}

"Evernote for Moms - An Unofficial Guide to Evernote for Moms" by Lauren Rothlisberger of GetGeeky $US5

I've been hearing about Evernote for years. Stacy Julian swears by it! But once I had downloaded it to my phone and finally managed to set up an account, I couldn't figure out what to do next. Fast-forward a couple of years, and while clicking on links on blogs, (I'm not sure which one, I think it might have been Simple Mom) I stumbled on this ebook.

I read it from cover-to-cover, then started playing with Evernote on the computer. And the Ipad. And sometimes I even use it on the phone. But mostly between the computer and the iPad.

I haven't quite got to the level of having my whole life in there, but this book did help me understand about setting up notebooks and adding notes and the other things the software is capable of. I can now "clip" interesting pages from the internet straight into a notebook, and it will be there when I want to finish working on that blog post/idea/etc. (side note - I found it more helpful to clip the whole page, like a screen print, rather than just the URL)

If you've ever wondered about how to use Evernote, or how it could help you, then this book could be the answer you're looking for.


  1. Great review of Lauren's book! I'm a big fan of Evernote and her book (even though I'm a dad! :)!!) Thanks!

  2. Excellent! Thank you for this. I need help! Rachel x

  3. Cate! Thank you so much for your review of my ebook! I am so happy it helped you. Please let me know if you (or anyone else) have any questions. Lauren


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