Monday 24 September 2012

100 days to Christmas | what project next?

The Christmas spirit was busy last week getting ready for scouts training over the weekend, but this week I'm fresh and ready to start.

I went downstairs this morning, and once I cleared all the kid-stuff off my workspace I had a thought - what exactly was I planning to work on? So I had a quick look in my craft room to see what was hanging around in the projects-thought-of-but-never-started pile.

A recipe box

Chip tins
Flower pots

A stationary box

A picnic basket

A basket full of balls

It's the first day of the school holidays and I have a sick little girl home, and now I have fresh new ideas for all these un-started projects.

Do you have any un-started projects from Christmas-past?



  1. Looks like you are going ot be very busy! I have no Christmas craft hangovers, I'm looking to you for inspiration. No pressure!

  2. I don't believe I have any craft hangovers..related to Christmas anyway, I have many of the general version. I have quite a few Pringles cans (chip tins)saved for a Christmas project.

  3. Oh what a wonderful set of projects waiting for you. I don't have any Christmas crafts from previous years . . . mainly because I've only been creating handmade gifts for a few years now & have been good about finishing them. However, I do have a few ideas brewing!

  4. Ho hum, yes. I bought some red and silver Fimo 2 years ago. Can't remember what for. Think it's still usable?

  5. At this point I can't even see me getting some Christmas cards made! Looking forward to seeing your creations
    Alison xx


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