Tuesday 4 September 2012

not all marshmallows are created equal {& giveaway}

One of the reasons we love camping so much is because it's a great excuse for a campfire, which in turn is a great excuse to toast marshmallows. So you can imagine how excited I was when I stumbled on Rocky Mountain marshmallows at Aldi around the start of July.

 I decide on the spot that I had to take them on our next camping trip, and compare them to our Pascall's marshmallows.

I decided to take photos of the packets after opening

{it was at this point that Riley threw up on me, so I don't have any more photos}

First thing I noticed is that the Rocky Mountain marshmallows started burning in less than a minute. I'm sure there's some rule about toasting over coals instead of flame, but I was pretty impatient (and the kids usually are, too)

Rocky Mountain marshmallows are firmer to eat, not as gooey as the Pascall marshmallows.

Pascall marshmallows are sweeter than the Rocky Mountain marshmallows, especially when toasted (or gently burned)

I still have an almost-full packet of Rocky Mountain marshmallows for our next trip, we'll be comparing them again!

Tell me your favourite way to eat marshmallows, to go in the draw for two bags of Pascall marshmallows.
The fine print  
* open to all readers
* competition opens now and closes 2pm Qld time (GMT+10) Monday September 10th
* winner will be decided by me, in consultation with my marshmallow-munching team members
* please leave a valid email address with your comment
* winner will have 72 hours to respond to notification, or prize will be redrawn


  1. I think American marshmallows are made with corn, as opposed to Australian marshmallows that are made with wheat, which might explain the quicker burn factor..
    I don't normally get to eat marshmallows as they dissapear so quickly, but I've always wanted to eat a smores. Did you give it a go when you where camping?

    1. I think you might be right. we haven't tried smores, but have had toasted marshmallows on chocolate biscuits (not quite the same, and the children found it too rich)

  2. If I were the type to worry about what people thought i'd tell you I love them on fruit kebabs, but really I looooove marshmallows dipped in melted dark chocolate with a tiny sprinkle of salt. Don't knock it till you try it!

    1. marshmallows and fruit are awesome, but dipped in chocolate is the bomb! I'd never thought to try a sprinkle of salt, sounds interesting!

  3. My favourite way to eat them was more because of circumstance... Had a blackout and toasted by candle :)

    I adore burnt marshmallows, so I would have to try those US ones!



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