Thursday 13 September 2012

questions, questions, questions

"What happened, mum?"

"Auntie Cate, are you ok?"

"Does it hurt?"

"What happened?"

It's okay, I just had a blood test


Well, my blood can help other people get better, but my blood was a bit sick today, so I had to have a test to see if it was the machine, or me.

"Did it hurt?"

Only a little bit, but then the machine checked, and said that my blood was sick, so they're going to send my blood to the hospital for another test.

"Then what?"

Well, if the hospital says my blood is ok, then I'll go back and give the shop my blood, because they use it to make other people better. And if the hospital says it's sick, then I will go to the doctor to see if he can fix it.

Not quite what I had planned when I left home this morning.

Do you know your blood type? I'm O negative


  1. Cate! What's wrong with your blood? Hope everything is ok :(

  2. That must have been an awful shock..I hope everything is okay

  3. Hope the results come back quickly and that everything is OK!
    Alison xx

  4. Hi Cate ~ You know, I SHOULD know my blood type but I don't. I think I'm A negative, and I really should donate to our local blood bank! I hope everything is ok with you - the never ending questions are sweet in this case.

    BTW - I linked to you in my post today. Thanks for your PhotoShop tips! xo


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