Thursday 1 November 2012

100 days to Christmas | update the card list

I didn't send Christmas cards last year. It was the first time in a few years since I missed it, and it was totally my own doing - I made my cards overly-complicated, and hated the end result, and even when I tried to fix the problem I messed it up. But not this year, this year I'm going to be on top of it and get my cards out in a timely manner (December 1st is always my goal, although sometimes that means overseas cards are a touch late - maybe I should aim for the cut off date for overseas?)

Anyway, I went to update my Christmas binder when I discovered that The Organised Housewife's Christmas Planner doesn't have space for addresses! I'm sure it's an oversight, but I'll have to use the same pages I've been using in past years from Life... Your Way.

I've culled my list extensively over the last couple of years - for a couple of years after leaving my mums group, I still sent them cards, and I've slowly dropped off people from the list that are no longer "facebook friends". But during that time, my list has expanded, as well. It now includes my scouting families, and playgroup families, and the overseas blog friends, as well as new blog buddies. (I'll tell you how many cards I'll be sending when I've actually written out all the addresses.)

Do you send Christmas cards? Hand-made, or store-bought?


  1. Iv hand made cards in the past, but last year & this year iv purchased store bought cards.. This year they have cute Babushka's on them :) I post on Dec. 1st :)

  2. I make a few, but mine are mainly shop bought....I must check how many I have left from last year and check my list...thanks for the reminder!
    Alison xx


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