Thursday 21 February 2013

thankful thursday

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Sometimes, you don't realise how much you rely on something, until it's broken and you can't use it any more.

Last week was like that for me. See, my car is old. 15 years old to be exact. It's a Mitsubishi Starwagon, perfect for this big family, because it's an 8-seater (one folds away) with 4 anchor points for car seats. We've looked at upgrading, but we're so used to the seat configuration that nothing else really works for us. But that's not today's story.

Today's story is about a light that kept coming on on the dashboard. First it was the oil light that kept flickering on. It's done that since we got it, so Steve checks the oil regularly, and we ignore it. But then one day the battery light came on while I was driving. Steve wobbled a few wires, banged the battery and all was good for a couple of months.

Then, last week, in the space of a couple of hours, the oil light, battery light and parking brake light came on and stayed on while I was driving! That's not normal, so when I got home Steve wobbled some more wires. Douglas was at scouts that night, so I went to pick him up at the end, and was halfway home when the car died! Uh Oh!

Fortunately, 9pm is a quiet time on the road I was on, so I switched everything off, turned the key and it started, so I continued on my way. Then, just around the corner from home, all the electrics died and the car almost stalled! I managed to coax it home, raced upstairs and roused Steve from his sleep in the armchair. He poked around, but couldn't see anything in the dark, so it had to wait until morning.

The following morning saw Steve, and eventually my brother, pulling the alternator out. I'm told it's not supposed to look like this, but it did.

So I spent the next ten days driving my brother's 5-seat commodore (not an easy feat with 5 kids needing to be moved around!). And I'm thankful that I was able to borrow his car.

We purchased a new alternator (for half the price on eBay!), and I'm thankful it arrived within 48 hours of purchase.

The new alternator was damaged when it arrived, so a quick phone call saw a new one dispatched quickly, which I'm thankful for.

Unfortunately, the second alternator got caught up with a courier and spent the weekend languishing in a truck, before being delivered at 7am Monday morning.

Monday was a quiet day at work for Steve, so he got home before school finished, and a couple of hours later I had my car back on the road! So thankful!


  1. Oh Cate, car troubles are no fun! I'm so glad it's all worked out & you have your car back!

  2. It's amazing how much we rely on them. Thank goodness it's up and running again!

    We just got a Kia Carnival a few months back. 8-seater but we took the middle seat out so it has a corridor to the back row. Best purchase ever!

  3. I HATE having car troubles!!!! They make me so nervous and yes, without them we are stuffed! So glad you can keep the old girl going. Thanks so much for linking up today! Hope to see you back next week! Leigh xxx

  4. I am with you! We only have one car and if my husband needs it for work, I am stuck! The bus service is fantastic and picks me up at the front door like a taxi, but will only drop me home late in the day....tricky with school/pre-school times. I too am, thankful for my car!

  5. Car troubles suck !!! K's battery is flat at the moment and she is cursing it - of course if she didn't by Black Milk tights she could afford to buy a new battery !!!!But hey, if she is happy hitching lifts until her next pay cheque, that is her business.
    So glad to hear that it all turned out well in the end - gotta love people who can fix cars - especially husbands !!!
    Have a great day !
    #TT visitor

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  7. Glad to hear it all got sorted in the end!
    Alison xx

  8. omg, how thankful would i be to have a husband who can fix cars!! lol, I have a great one, don't get me wrong, but my dad was fixing everything himself when I was little, from the car over the washing machine and the radio, even our toys, I always presumed that's the normal thing to do!
    changing an alternator wouldn't have come cheap, and it's true we depend so much on cars..!
    (was in a bad accident beginning of the year, car still not replaced, we are have a family replacement too, thank god for relatives..)

  9. Ooh, I hate being without a car! Ours was in the shop for months after a car accident a while ago, and it drove me absolutely nuts. (actually, it drove me no where. Haha)

  10. Oh, what a pain! I'm glad it's all sorted now. Rachel xx

  11. I go crazy without a car. I'd be happy walking places if it was just me, but not always easy with the kids. Good on you for still finding things to be thankful for!


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