Wednesday 20 February 2013

project life | week 5

This week, I had a go at a double page spread. It was the first week of school for the year, and I didn't have enough photos to make an insert about the first day, so managed to spread them out across two pages.

The template for the books list is from Aud Neale (who isn't blogging or creating digi supplies any more, *sniff*) Natalie was so excited to walk into her classroom and discover lots of friends from last year, including someone in the seat beside her!

The process of creating hybrid pages is slightly cumbersome, but I'm plotting ways to streamline it. When I decided to make a two-page spread, I quickly sketched out a page planner (because all those ones I've printed in the last two months have suddenly found other homes), and went through my photos, writing notes in each space. I only printed one extra photo, and will probably swap out the lasagne dish, because the other photo better tells the story of our week.

There is an insert for this week - being the end of January, I decided to put all my instagram photos from following along with the Fat Mum Slim photo-a-day challenge into one place.

I used this template from Simple Scrapper to set my photos up, with the intention of adding them to coin page protectors, but when it came time to print I realised I only had 25 photos (the self-portrait photo up above is the 25th), so just decided to insert into an A4 protector. I also wrote each prompt on top of the photo, to remind myself why I took it.

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  1. I love all of your photos. Great idea labeling them. I really like the font that you used and it really ties them all together.

  2. Hi Cate!
    I love your layout, those little photos of your kids on their first day of school are super cute!

    P.S. I recognise you from my scrapbooking days, either from Scrap Therapy or Savvy :)


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