Thursday 7 March 2013

Natalie, today you are six

You hate that your hair hasn't grown since it was cut before Christmas

You are excited to become a big sister again, but tell me how much you miss Chloe every day

You have your own bedroom, but refuse to sleep in it

You love school, but hate mum leaving you

You don't like trying new foods, but sometimes you will

You play nicely with the kids, unless you're tired, then you cry lots

You're taller than Caiden, but shorter than Lana

You love the skirts mum makes for you, and the dresses dad buys for you

You're a girly girl who wants to climb the trees, but jumps on the trampoline instead

Happy birthday, beautiful!


  1. Happy Birthday to Natalie!

  2. Happy birthday beautiful girl!!

  3. Oh I love when you do these posts, Cate. Happy birthday to your sweet girl - I can't believe she's 6! She's going to be an awesome big sister to your new baby girl!

  4. And beautiful she is indeed! Belated birthday wishes to Natalie
    Alison xx

  5. What an adorable little face. Such cute cheeks :) Happy birthday miss six!!


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