Tuesday 19 March 2013

where do you go when you can't whine to facebook?

The whole social media landscape has changed in the last year. Boundaries are blurred, between forms of social media, and within the social media itself.

I hardly use my personal Facebook page any more. I feel like I'm always self-censoring anything I want to say, and that was never why I enjoyed Facebook in the first place.

We're so interconnected now, everybody is "doing" Facebook, and there's nowhere to go.

So, if you can't whine to Facebook about the people giving you the irrits because they're on your friends list, what can you do?

Well, you could write a blog about it.

Or you could get a change of scenery, go for a walk.

Bake a cake.

Talk to somebody (oh, wait, that's why you use Facebook, you don't have anyone you can call)

Wait for husband to get home from work and unload on him (but he thinks you're mad for spending so much time on Facebook anyway, so that doesn't really help)

Take a deep breath.


Remember, they didn't really mean to upset you, they weren't really thinking about how their actions would affect you, they were only thinking of themselves.

Anyone for a Bailey's?

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