Wednesday 17 April 2013

simply a moment | cross country

Day - Wednesday

Time - about 9.30am

Activity - school cross country

"Can you see her?" I said to him

"No" he says

"There, beside the cone, the teacher was in the way"

"Ah, she's warming up" he says

The sky is blue, warm after yesterday's rain. We're standing in a shady spot, amongst lots of other mums and some dads. It's good to see them all here, but I know that later, for the bigger kids, there won't be as many parents watching.

The teacher yells the words "ready" and they all take their positions

"get set" she says, and they all lean forward


The girls all surge forward, Nat is passed by the quicker ones, she's in the middle of the pack.

She's not sporty, our girl, but we reminded her to just have a go, do the best she can, and that's what we watched her do, walking with a slower girl when she needed to catch her breath, charging towards the finish line in the last 100 metres. She finished, caught her breath and shared a high five with mum and dad.

It was simply a moment on a Wednesday morning.

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  1. A lovely description of this moment. My kids were never competitive at Sports Day, I think they get their lack of sporting ability from me!

  2. I've really enjoyed your vivid moment! I could almost smell the grass, and your lovely photo reminds me of my own school days. It's lovely to read how you encourage her and she responds, taking pleasure in what she achieves. (And a little poignant for those who did not have that). Thank-you so much for linking up and sharing a little bit of your life with us :). A high five from here!

  3. Love all the uniforms and matching hats! What a wonderful moment to catch - wish I'd been doing this when my own were little.

  4. That picture is fabulous and the story is even better.

  5. lovely moment... in some years I will be as you, encouraging at my little...

  6. Such a lovely moment to share - I like that she slowed down to help another runner.

  7. I too love the idea of your girl slowing down to walk with someone else...great moment Cate!
    Alison xx

  8. A wonderful moment to share - thank you :)


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