Saturday 25 May 2013

hello 4am

Ive been awake for two hours, waking to sneeze and snuffle and cough and pee

It's cold out of bed, but I struggle to reach for a tissue so have to sit up, blow my nose once again

When I woke up, I didn't think I'd stay awake. I tried to doze, but gave up and just read my book

And then I reached the last page of the book, and wandered around Facebook for half an hour

I can hear Natalie softly breathing, and Steve gently snoring, and Riley is wriggling against the blankets

It's 4am, and I really want to sleep, but it eludes me

I know it's practise for baby's arrival, and I know that it's only for a couple of days before a full nights sleep returns, but I just want to sleep now

I start to mentally write a blog post, this one, and finally feel my body relaxing (and baby kicking and moving around)

I pull the blankets up over my shoulders again, and close my eyes

And wake up at 7am with the sun peeking through a gap in the curtains.



  1. Great post to capture that moment!

  2. Very descriptively written - I was longing for you to be able to get done decent sleep too. Hoping the snuffles have gone ....

  3. Only an experienced mom would consider being awake as preparation for the baby's coming. Wishing you all the best up to and after baby arrives!

  4. This sounds like most of my nights lately.

  5. Hi Cate ~ Just wanted to let you know that your baby shower is in full swing over on my blog. I probably should have planned a different time, as you may very well be sleeping at this moment (if you're lucky!). I hope you enjoy the blog hop in honor of your new baby girl. {{{hugs}}}


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