Friday 12 July 2013

dear Sophie

today, you are two weeks old

it's been a strange two weeks, adjusting to our new normal

{and spending lots of time thinking about Chloe}

but you've fit right in.

Thursday was our worst day, too many errands in one day, but we made it to the end, and slept well.

You sleep well every night - 3-5 hours from around 10pm, then 2-hourly until about 7am (much better nights than Natalie and Riley)

You feed very well, you were born knowing what to do, and we've figured our way through the small hiccups.

You're starting to spend little blocks of time awake, watching the world. The newborn stage is almost over, never to occur again in this house.

I've realised this is a time of firsts and lasts for our family. Firsts as you learn your way around, and lasts for dad and I, watching you learn.

{but that doesn't stop dad calling you every name except Sophie when he's trying to get the kids to listen to him - it's funniest when he calls you Amy or Molly [the cat and dog]}

two weeks, with many more to come

[this has taken all day to write, maybe next week I can find more time to write]


  1. Glad things are settling, Cate...Miss Sophie is divine!
    Alison xx

  2. Beautiful Cate. I'm glad all is going well.

  3. A lovely photo, and I personally am amazed you,have time to write anything! Your comment about Dad calling Sophie lots of,different names before arriving at hers made me smile - my Mum in law had the same problem with her lovely nine adult children!

  4. Glad you are all settling in well to your new normal.



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