Monday 8 July 2013

hello Monday {night}

hello, new normal, it's slowly slipping back into place

hello, procrastination, why do anything when I can sit on the couch having baby snuggles?

hello, back-to-school, it was a strange two weeks of holidays, nice to be back to routine

hello, online classes, so many inspiring things happening

hello, blog, I've missed writing our stories


  1. Hello Cate!...glad you're finding the new 'normal'..glad to hear you're having snuggles!Alison xx

  2. So pleased to hear you are gradually settling into your new routines.

  3. who could pass up baby snuggles?! Life should be smoother now that the routine has returned for the older kids :)

  4. Hello both of you! Lovely to see you, and glad the getting to know each other is going so well :). Snuggles first, stories later.


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