Monday 19 August 2013

hello monday

hello, school camp, two-and-a-bit-days without tween attitude!

hello, change in weather, sick kids home again

hello, resume-writing, we've got two weeks to find Steve a job before the money runs out

hello, bike rides, no truck means time to spend with the kids

hello, quiet house, the only time Sophie sleeps during the day

hello, Monday, not quite the start to the week I was hoping for, but less stress than last week


  1. Glad to hear the week is beginning in a less stressful way and hoping that things look up on the work font for you all. Keeping my fingers crossed and sending very best wishes.

  2. Hope the week continues to be a bit more stress-free, Cate.....and that Steve finds some work soon...hugs to you and your brood!
    Alison xx


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