Thursday 28 November 2013

dear sophie | today you are five months old

you rolled from front to back while Natalie was watching you

but don't like being on your tummy if you can't see anyone

you like sitting in your bumbo watching mum do stuff

and slide easily out of your rocker with a couple of big kicks

you have way more hair than the others did

(and we're still trying to get rid of that cradle cap)

you always have smiles for dad when he's home

(and we lose our routine, because you just want to play)

but you make it known when Riley is loving on you too much

Natalie or Douglas play with you when I'm trying to cook

and we're thinking about the next step in the food journey for you

you are beautiful

and you are so loved


  1. So lovely meeting dear Sophie today. She is absolutely gorgeous. So nice that she has so many helpers. Still dreaming of your pie. x

  2. Those eyes! was great to meet you the other day, Sophie is absolutely adorable. Look forward to following your blog as she gets older.

  3. She has the look of a thousand years in her eyes. Gorgeous bubba :)

  4. Isn't she just lovely! And gosh, I remember cradle cap - it does go eventually! She is indeed clearly loved :).


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