Friday 31 January 2014

getting it together

For years now, I've wallowed in disorganisation. I've just lived with it, because I really didn't know exactly how to sort my head out (although I've tried lots of different things)

Over the Christmas break, when I was really feeling frazzled from doing. nothing. and feeling like I was failing at it, I started to browse pinterest for filofax ideas. Seeing how other people keep their thoughts organised has been inspiring (and slightly scary), but I was still frozen in the looking, not doing stage.

Back in December, I saw this idea, and immediately transformed a book, but once January hit I was overwhelmed with stress and school holidays and noise and let it all creep up on me and didn't do anything.

If there's one thing I've learnt about myself it's that I'm not very good on follow-through!

Last weekend, I was browsing again, when I stumbled on this post. I watched the video, pinned the post, and left it at that. Then that night, I actually dreamed about the system! To me, that's an indication that it might work, if I'm dreaming about it!

So I pulled out one of my precious composition books. To me, they're the perfect size, lots of pages, but small enough to slip into my handbag (if I ever get to carry it again!) and I can make it mine by decorating the cover.

So far, I've written in the index, stamped numbers on the pages, and written up the calendar (and included a grid calendar, too, like the author of the post) I'm giving myself February to see if it works, I'll look at it every morning, and write lists every night, and maybe by the end of the month the habit will stick!

How do you keep organised?

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  1. Thanks for linking up Cate :) It is amazing what a planner can do for your life, is it not!? It's honestly one of the first steps to getting the rest of your life sorted.

  2. Thanks for sharing Cate, off to check out your links.

  3. Oooooh, Cate! I could be sold on this! I'm shocking with a calendar and diary but this looks doable!

  4. Hope it works for you, sounds interesting,
    Alison xx

  5. I'm an organised person & I love lists, but this looks sooo complicated! I go for duplication. I have a work diary, a home diary, a family calendar & a Hotmail calendar. By the time a date is recorded in all these places I tend to have it memorised

  6. It can take time, can't it, to find something which just suits you. Thank you for these links and I am off to have a little look - the sight if your colouring pens us very cheering. Journals can be pretty as well as functional!

  7. For me the problem isn't being organized; I could organize several hours every day. My problem has been recording what I've done on a daily basis. I read somewhere on line (thank you whoever you were) about an on-line program called Oh Life! Once you sign up, every morning you get an email that says "today is *. What did you do today?" All you have to do is reply to the message and they keep them for you. You can later log-in and find out what you'd done on a specific date that you recorded something. This is much better than a journal for me as one of the first things I do every day is check my email. So, I make that habit work for me. As an aside, Cate I always look for your blog on my daily Bloglovin' email. I enjoy reading about your life in NZ.

  8. Nice work, I totally get how everything gets in the way but good for you for persevering. I look forward to hearing how the month goes for you. I'm in the process of sorting out a bit of an organisation system, that is my goal for February too :-)

  9. I stay organized with a paper calendar, which I take time to set up each year in December. I pretty much keep all my lists there and use it on a daily basis. This year I'm using a much simpler calendar than previously, so I'm keeping my scrapbooking lists in a separate notebook in my craft room. So far it's working well. Looking forward to seeing how this works out for you - it looks like a great plan!


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