Thursday 30 January 2014

time for a cup of tea

husband makes tea when he's home, he considers this full
welcome, welcome, I've been waiting anxiously for you to arrive!

Let's wander upstairs, the breeze is nicer from the back door. Mind you don't step on that deck, I'm afraid it's rotten right through, but with Steve away for work, we can't do anything with it at the moment.

The kettle's on, Steve will make the tea, it's become a bit of a joke between us - I don't like much milk in my cup, but he always leaves room for plenty of milk, leaving the cup half-empty to me! I'm sure he can top it up for you, if you're a little fussy like me.

So, how has the past month been for you? It's been slightly crazy-mad here, what with the kids on holidays, car troubles, money issues, all adding up to maximum-parent-stress! Natalie and Douglas have been going to vacation care twice a week (Natalie cried every.single.time.), and Riley goes to daycare the same days, so at least Sophie has been able to get some sleep on those days.

And Steve gave a shift up last week, so we could go camping. We needed the break, but how is it that people actually enjoy camping in summer? And I had high expectations of the site we chose, after seeing it on tv, but those hopes were dashed. But a change of scenery was well deserved.

Do you have a craft room? We've decided that the dark-and-dingy garage isn't suitable for me downstairs, so I've taken over the front room of the house upstairs (a hard decision, because it has meant packing away the few things Chloe left behind) I'm excited about setting it up, but I'm stumped about how to make it dual purpose - do I have two desks? one multi-purpose desk? fabric on one side of the room, and paper on the other? How is your space set up?

Now, I'm wondering if you've heard me mention that I'll be forty soon? 43 sleeps to be exact. Start thinking about how you would celebrate such a milestone, because I'm going to share my ideas in a couple of days, and I'll need your help!

It's been lovely visiting with you, but I can hear Sophie stirring in the bedroom, I'm going to have to duck off and give her a feed now. Thanks for popping in, look forward to catching up next month!



  1. It has been lovely to pop in, and I am enjoying the warmth of your welcome as well as the temperature outside - I don 't like my tea too dark, so that cup looks fine to me :). A new craft room? That sounds exciting, despite the rest of the stress; I have just one desk in mine, but have an additional folding picnic table which comes out when I need to spread! Ooh, a big birthday to celebrate too - bring on the plans!

  2. thanks for the cuppa, it was very welcome today. I do all my crafting in the spare bedroom on a picnic table, I dream of buying a bigger house!!

  3. Oh my, it does sound like it's been quite a month for you. Sorry the camping getaway was a disappointment - especially when you all needed the break. Here's to a fab February for you and yours!

  4. Thank you for the catch up and for joining in with me! I would love a craft space. I craft in my room but often spill over into downstairs when I am at home. At Uni I have to do smaller portable crafts.


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