Wednesday 29 January 2014

things I'd tell my daughter

october 2013, so beautiful!
Dear Chloe

as you head off into year 11 this year, know this

I trust that you know your heart

but I don't expect you to know what you want to do with the rest of your life

you've chosen good subjects for where you think you want to go

but if you change your mind, that's ok

Don't goof off. It's ok to procrastinate, but don't make it your way of life.

get your homework done each night, before anything else

but don't forget your friends, your family, taking time for you

I'd like to say "you won't use the knowledge again"

but I recently had to use trigonometry to explain a quilting problem to someone,

{sweetie laughed.}

Please know that you are missed

and loved

and so very special

please note - as my blog is now seen by both Chloe and the people she is with, I have turned comment moderation on (but blogger only lets me turn it on to the whole blog) Tomorrow I will turn moderation off, and also comments on this post.


  1. Such wise words - I hope that they will be useful and well-received :).

  2. She really is a stunning young lady. There is much good advice in this post.year 11 is such an important year, I hope she enjoys it and makes the most of it.

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