Monday 13 January 2014

hello monday

the hand painted entrance to the kindy rooms
hello, camping, according to Natalie we haven't been camping "since last last year"

hello, new printer, $A105 for ink for my HP printer is just too far out of our budget at the moment (I can buy a cannon and ink for less than that!)

hello, kindle app, you make it so easy to read when insomnia strikes

hello, forty, only sixty sleeps to go

hello, Monday, a new start every week


  1. Hello Cate :) We need to organise another catch up real soon... perhaps on a Monday! lol

  2. Hoping there are some nice plans for your fortieth as well as camping ones :).

  3. Ugh, that ink situation is beyond silly. How can it be cheaper to buy a new printer than ink.

  4. Catching up on some blog reading today - hope it was a wonderful week!


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