Wednesday 15 January 2014

project life™ 2014

I didn't do well with Project Life™ in 2013. Getting sick when I was pregnant totally threw me (you'd think I would have known!), and then hardly having the space to think in the last six months meant that while I've made an effort to capture a photo every day, I haven't done anything with those photos.

But I loved the process. And the remembering. And while I'm swamped with pinspiration, I know that continuing with the project is right for me right now.

I did Project Life Lessons last year, and was introduced to the Collect app, and it has changed my world! Every day I take photos, and add one to the calendar, and make a note about the photo. And on days I don't take photos (which is rare), I look around me and photograph a detail about life right now (something on the mantel, a toy that's being played with, etc)

On the first of each month, I export the previous month's photos to my phone roll, then import them to the computer. Where they will sit until the budget is a little looser. And then I can print, slip into pockets, and call it done. And 2014 will be in an album. I'm so excited about it, I'm thinking about going back and finishing off 2013 the same way (I started using the app in September, but not every day until November)

Are you collecting photos + words this year? Will you print them?


  1. That looks like a plan after some useful learning! I am going to go down the digital photo book route, I think :).

  2. I must use that app - I downloaded it but then didn't sit down and work out how to use it. But it sounds perfect so I MUST!

  3. That app sounds like a perfect solution for this year for you! I'm not doing any PL type project, but I did get a ton of PL products this past week at the Play! in Anaheim event - I'll be using them on layouts soon!


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