Friday 18 April 2014

book review | fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I haven't read eleanor&park yet, so I was surprised when a review of fangirl had me running to amazon to buy it (it didn't hurt that I'd just finished reading 11.22.63 by Stephen king for book club, so I was looking for something else to read)

And it probably helped that the review was from my big girl, who has been writing a bit of fiction herself (although I confess to not having read any of it yet, a little hesitant to investigate and see how truly grown up my girl has become without me)

But back to fangirl - I really enjoyed it, finishing it in two days. I totally got the Cather & Wren reference the second I saw it, after all, that's my name, and it was interesting to watch the characters unfold over their first year at college.

I must confess, I was really happy that there weren't any heavy teen-love-scenes, although there is a bit of kissing, and plenty of confusion and teen-angst.

As I read books these days, I'm always thinking about whether I would let the kids read them - Chloe has always been a big reader, and Natalie is heading the same way, so I'm paying attention to the popular books, and as I finish good books I make a mental note to remember it. I would definitely let my teens read fangirl (and in this instance, my teen reccomended it to me)

Have you read any good young adult books lately?

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