Thursday 17 April 2014

us right now

he doesn't have a job {long story}

he left to "fill in" a run for his previous employer

he had an interview yesterday for a job, and was short-listed

he is looking forward to Easter at home with the family

she loves food

she crawls around the house calling for dad when he's not here

she has no interest in toys, but the plastics cupboard is awesome

she loves her siblings, except when they're rough

he is a cheeky fella

he loves daycare, and is excited to see his friends each day

he watches too much YouTube

he loves playing minecraft with his brother and sister

she has moved up to cub scouts, and loves it

she still cries if mum takes her to school

she is way too cheeky at times

she misses dad

he is organising a scout camp as his leadership project

he is learning to embroider (particularly long stitch) for a school project

he has almost finished primary school

he loves to build things with lego
she is struggling with overwhelm these school holidays

she is looking forward to some Easter baking tomorrow

she is hoping he gets a job that keeps him home more

she is missing her big girl

she takes my breath away

in her words
I am looking forward to finishing school. No matter how daunting this feels I actually can't wait because there will be so many other prospects there for me to try. It'll be wonderful.
If I had $100 dollars to spend I would buy books.
My favourite cake is red velvet, caramel mudcake, anything sweet really.

she is missed by everyone


  1. I just want to hug you honey. Beautiful insights despite the worry. Sending hopes that are fulfilled your way.

  2. Job hunting is tough this year - I spent a good three months looking! Best of luck.

  3. Take care of yourself xx

  4. What a lovely catch up on your beautiful family today Cate! Praying he'll find a wonderful job that allows him to be home with the family!! Happy Easter weekend!

  5. These is much beauty in this post. I love how very real it is, capturing the present moment - the good, the not-so - in its entirety. X

  6. Love the kids photos. I dont know them but the photos see to capture their personality!

  7. Sending lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way lovely. What a great way of posting about everyone I love it.

  8. Lovely to see your family and hello from the blog match


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