Thursday 3 April 2014

things I'd tell my daughter

I recently discovered that Chloe has been writing a blog.

It's something that she's done before, but like a child keeping a diary, she hasn't stuck with it for long. I'm hoping that this time she sees the benefit of getting your thoughts out in the open (even if you never publish the post, writing helps so much!)

But I was struck by the tone of her words. It's something I can't quite put my finger on - teen-angst, and sadness, and happiness, and confusion. And from this space, a digital footprint is built.

So I wrote a guest post over at Barbie Bieber and Beyond, in the hopes that she'll read my words (and other fabulous words written by Mandy)

What wise words would you share if you knew a teen who started blogging?

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  1. Great advice, Cate, especially 1 and 4. I think if I was starting out as a teenager, I'd take an pseudonym :).


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