Monday 7 April 2014

I must confess I don't like pop culture

I've always avoided pop culture, because when everyone is talking about it, then it doesn't feel as if I know something they don't any more. I've been watching Masterchef UK since before the popular Australian version first started (in fact, it was one of the first non-crime shows Steve had ever watched when we first got together.)

I made it all the way through Sex and the City without watching (except for a five minute snippet in a psychology class at uni - it was funny, but didn't tempt me at all) an episode.

I've never seen an episode of Breaking Bad. Or The Walking Dead.

{But I've seen every episode of Game of Thrones}

I've never read 50 Shades of Gray (although it was a bookclub selection about 18 months ago)

I read the Twilight saga after the first movie came out

And I've read all The Hunger Games books.

I guess you could say I'm selective about my pop culture.

What pop culture shows have you managed to avoid?

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  1. I've managed to avoid most of them too. We were only allowed to watch sport or docos on TV as a child and then when I first moved out of how I went a bit TV mad but honestly not watching TV is the only way I manage to fit so much in. I'm guessing giving up the internet would free up more of my time as well.

  2. I'm obliged to watch them because my hubby does. He has gleaned most of his pop culture knowledge from the Simpsons. It's true!

  3. I'm selective too. Don't watch it just because everyone else is. If I like it and it's popular then fine, if I like it and no one else does then that doesn't bother me either, except it usually means it will get canned by the network and that's annoying

  4. I was a bit of a Sex In The City fan until they made the movies. Have never watched or read any of the others you mentioned.

  5. I've managed to avoid all of the above, though some of it was unfamiliar to me anyway - that's how far outside it all I am!

  6. I am starting to avoid pop culture in the last few has become so over saturated especially with the 24 hour news cycle now. But I must confess I loved Sex and the City, so funny what they got up to.

  7. I never watched Sex & the City either - never interested me in the least. I think I'm selective about my pop culture too, I love Harry Potter but have no interest in Twilight - glad I'm not the only one!

  8. I think I am selective as some of it is so specific to certain tastes and generations I think! I LOVE Sex and the City! I didn't watch it when it first started, I think I avoided it because every one was talking about it. My younger sister was a BIG fan and raved about it and bought all the series on DVDs! When I lived in Western QLD where TV selection wasn't great I got the DVDs and would have marathon sessions watching them all!! lol...

  9. I am picky about my pop culture too. I don't watch a lot of the Aussie Drama shows but I must say that I have fallen in love with Love Child and will probably cry like a big girl during the final tonight.

  10. I've managed to avoid the Hunger Games and Game of Thrones so far. I never really got into Sex & The City, it just wasn't real enough for me to enjoy. When movies or books are popular, I'm never one to jump in on the bandwagon, I'm usually reading or watching them quite a few months later if I think it's something I might like.

  11. I love the TWILIGHT and HUNGER GAMES series but tend to avoid TV series

    Alison xx

  12. So I've never watched any cooking shows, or The Block type ones, mind you that is because I don't want TV. If I do it's only every ABC or SBS and then it's news and current affairs, boring much? Never seen Priscella Queen of Desert!

  13. About the only thing I watch on TV is Mythbusters...I do watch a few shows but I hate how TV channels change when things air, especially as the shows I watch aren't hugely popular, so I just wait and buy the DVDs and binge-watch then!


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